Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is Mission? Revisited

by Laura Springer, M.Div., Th.M.

Too often we think of mission as what “they do over there” or what some of us “do” on short term trips. In reality, mission is more local, diverse, and daily than many of us realize.

On July 19, TFB Academy met to consider this question: What is Mission? Here are a few of our findings:

First, wherever the church is or can go there is a mission field. Mission does not only take place “over there;” mission is where you are. Second, everything we do, everything we value becomes part of our mission message (either for good or for ill). Mission is the earthly, daily purpose of our existence in Christ. Finally, mission is shaped like the diverse people of God, with our multiplicity of skills, passions, vocations, knowledge, and cultures. There is no one way to be on mission. (Laura)

Mission is outreach: teaching, growing and building the knowledge of God’s Kingdom (Mark)

Mission is offering my whole life to help expand His kingdom: to be ready and flexible, anytime, anywhere, to reach out to people. (Jinsoo)

Mission is to go out into the field, being viral in regards to telling others about God, and expanding God’s kingdom. (J. J.)

Our lives are an offering to the Lord.
Our usefulness is for His Kingdom-building.
Our joy in life is to serve Him well.
This is our response
to God’s amazing abundant gifts to us,
and to our love for His people (Michelle)

On October 12, the TFB Academy meets to consider the question, “What is gospel?” If you would like to participate, contact Laura in person or via email (lkspringer AT gmail DOT com).