Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Greater Than We Can Imagine

by Laura Springer, M.Div., Th.M.

Let us suppose a particular gathering of professing Christians has a corporate illness. The diagnosis, received and agreed upon is this: as a community, they do not love God and do not obey him. What might be the prescription for this illness?

Since the knowledge of God is knowing-in-relationship, then knowing God person-to-person is a necessary element of the prescription. Further, this knowledge of God would need to be the sort that shakes persons out of their assumptions and corrects their thinking, feeling, and behaving.

TFB Academy 2009 will consider this issue by investigating four characteristics of God.
  • Glory—God’s Splendor and Radiance (February)
  • Justice—God’s Fairness and Righteousness (May)
  • Grace—God’s Compassion and Favor (August)
  • Love—God’s Decided and Demonstrated Affection (November)
It is our prayer that our knowing-in-relationship will shake us out of our assumptions and correct our thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Our God is greater than we can imagine. Let us know him together.

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